Ways to Discover the Power of Food Tracking

JournalNutrition tracking is a journal of writing down every item you eat or drink throughout the day. It is very important to be specific and inclusive. What are the benefits of maintaining a food diary? It definitely helps you to remain accountable. By keeping an accurate record of your food intake you are less likely to fool yourself into thinking that you are eating properly when maybe you are not. Another benefit has to do with discovering the gaps you have in your diet. For instance, you can notice if you need more balance between protein and carbohydrates. It helps me to identify food items that are counter productive.

My nutritionist suggested food journaling so you are aware about portion control. Noting the time you eat is one aspect of careful food monitoring and control. This may help you to understand when you get hungry and why you eat when you do. Ultimately, food tracking helps you to identify what exactly you put into your mouth so you can make better, more informed decisions. Join the Clique!!!



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