Ways to Strategize your Long-Term Weight Loss Goals

TipsEmbracing the long-term weight loss lifestyle means adapting to healthy choices day by day. In short-term goals for dropping weight you may have an initial destination of losing 20 pounds which means that you could possibly revert to your old eating habits. Often times this is considered the yo-yo effect of gaining and losing weight. In contrast, the long-term approach focuses on changing your relationship with food.

A healthy connection with food means you can control your appetite. Your desire for goodies does not have to take over. When I was first starting losing weight I had strong cravings for carbs. I managed my hunger by incorporating selected groceries. Entree’s such as Salmon, Cauliflower and Watermelon always seem to satisfy me. Never allow yourself to become bored with home cooking. Make a point to build up your menu with cuisines that are tasty and very balanced. Food is a necessity and also a pleasure. Keeping it a delight with out over doing it will enhance your long-term weight loss journey. Bon Appetit!



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