Keeping on Track During the Holiday Season

9f79df1bff6838540b95d9e6b857c8f5Rationalizing your over-eating is not going to help you. For instance, telling yourself that you are going to stuff your belly today and fast tomorrow is un-realistic. Also, it is un-helpful to get down on yourself after you have over-indulged. By starving your tummy before a big dinner can be self-defeating because you think you can eat excessively.

Instead of cakes and cookies for dessert, consider yogurt with fruit, berries with non-fat cream and fat-free jello. Even if you can not manage to keep your usual gym schedule, try to do some sort of light exercise, everyday. Since stress is related to weight gain, be sure to handle stress by keeping a decent sleep schedule during the holidays. Lack of sleep and extreme stress can contribute to weight gain. Have a Blessed Holiday Season!!



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