Dodging Exercise Boredom

the-tired-girl-on-treadmill-667x444What are the conditions that set yourself up for exercise boredom? I have been steadily using the elliptical 1-2 hours a day for about 3 years. Obviously, this can be exhausting. I break the tedium by changing the programs on the work-out machine. Other things I do is follow the T.V. monitor, listen to music, people watch or check-out videos on Netflix.

Changing the equipment you use by exercising muscles in a different way can be very beneficial. By altering your outdoor routine like walking, hiking, shoveling and skiing are all good forms of exercise. Stretching and the use of weights is a very good method of enduring the boredom monotony. Group classes which is lead by an instructor can be fun, productive and exciting. Be creative and adventurous with your exercise routine, but keep it safe!



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