3 Simple Ways to Fit in Exercise

shutterstock_1189003421. Cleaning the House:

Cleaning your house daily can be a form of exercise depending on what you do. Not being able to see it as a chore, but thinking about cleaning as a work-out can be exciting . I energize my housekeeping routine by doing it quickly, consistently and frequently. Going up and down the stairs with laundry can be invigorating.

2. At your Job:

At work, do your best to figure out creative ways to maximize physical activity. Several examples are, parking your car further away than usual, using the stairs instead of the elevator or walking during your lunch break can be highly beneficial for you. Having a friend at work can help you with office temptations like using the vending machines or hitting the work gym.

3. Doing Outside Work:

Basic yard work is a great exercise. Try not to think about this as a chore, but as a way to challenge your body. Multiple examples of working outdoors is picking up leaves (which can be quite strenuous, however it burns calories), washing your car is a productive way to get your body moving and you can break a sweat by cutting the lawn, as well.



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