When Your Eating is Out of Control

shutterstock_229454029I use to eat and eat and eat and would think that food would make me feel better. In reality the food choices I was making was going to kill me if I did not stop and turn my life around. As I was eating I felt very content, fulfilled and satisfied, but when I was done I felt lethargic, bloated and guilty. The aftermath of feeling sick propelled me to want to change my behavior. Wanting to feel good out weighed the pleasures of eating.

The first step is to recognize that you are eating excessively. When you eat non-stop, you are no longer enjoying the food, but are still searching more inner comfort and peace. Another feature of excessive eating is ruminating about food to the point that you lose track of what is important in your life. Many times I would eat by myself so that others could not see what I was eating because I was ashamed of myself. When you can honestly weigh the pros and cons of your eating habits you are beginning to come to grips with excessive eating. Enjoy your day, Weight Cliquers!



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