How to Tackle Evening Cravings

shutterstock_183368096Many people tend to experience evening cravings. Be certain to be mindful about munching on snacks with out nutritional value. Instead, select a nutritious snack such as fruit, vegetables or low-fat cheese. Drinking beverages such as decaf coffee, herbal tea, water or crystal light can make you feel full. If you are thinking about food, detour your mind into enjoyable activities that you can do. Getting on the internet is something that I do to distract myself from eating late at night. Talking to friends or reading is another way to handle this temptation. Try not to include fun activities with food such as eating and watching T.V. at the same time.

Choosing to consistently purchase nutritious and balanced food for your household is the best way to maintain healthy cravings. Establishing an evening ritual of not eating with-in two hours of going to bed is highly essential to dropping weight. Do your absolute best! Un-doing bad habits take time and effort! Start today!!



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