Reasons to be Excited about Exercising in Fall‏

shutterstock_92487016There are multiple reasons why I am motivated about walking outdoors at this time of year. I love the feel of the cool fall temperature. The beauty of the foliage inspires me to get moving. For me, this time of year is the start of new beginnings. The gorgeous weather impacts my training performance positively. I associate fall with new challenges.

Walking or running in the current climate is an especially good time for practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness means being in the present and taking notice of how you perceive the new season. For instance, looking at a tree and noticing its color, structure and scent. Take full advantage of the cool weather before winter begins. Appreciate the beauty of fall. It is now time for a spectacular outdoor work-out. Truly, I am very, very happy to briskly walk today. May your fall exercise experience be as phenomenal and exciting as YOU!



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