Educating Yourself to Understand What Your Body Needs‏

shutterstock_244407535Research was crucial with educating and developing myself with what my body needs in order to lose weight. I spoke to professionals, various nutritionists and a bariatric surgeon who taught me important facts about metabolism and how foods tend to increase it. My dietician was very helpful and informative with presenting multiple options to learn how to review food labels, and that has been instrumental with my weight loss.

It is equally important to pay attention to your own internal assessment of what works best for you. Self knowledge is the key to advancement. In my own experience, I discovered that I can not eat carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and candy, because it just makes me crave more. I also know that I am a person that likes to plan ahead. I buy prepared food at Whole Foods which is a big help. Everyone needs to formulate their own individualized plan which will attribute to great weight loss success!



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