The Benefits of Consistent Exercise‏

shutterstock_58592911To become mentally prepared for exercise I think about the benefits of daily work-outs. Some incentives for exercise are improving cardiovascular functioning, increasing my energy and strength. I realize that my day is not complete with-out incorporating physical activity. I make it as a part of my routine just as brushing my teeth. Also, it becomes automatic to go to the gym and train. Of course, there will be times when I do not feel like exercising. At those times I think about how far and what I have accomplished. This gives me the push I need.

Not everyday has to be a high powered work-out day. Pay attention to your body and what is right for you that day. As you are training be mindful of what you are doing, that your posture is good and your technique is correct. Psychologically consistent exercise boosts my self esteem, confidence, puts me in a positive frame of mind and makes me feel more mentally alert. Truly, working out is a ideal way of caring for yourself. What better way to take care of your well-being than a fulfilling training session. Enjoy your day!!!



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