Weight Clique

Looking back to when I first began my search on how to lose weight, I was 298 lbs. and miserable. Losing 168 lbs. and counting in 25 months has transformed my life. Now I am here to encourage you to begin your journey to weight loss.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a weight issue. My life revolved around food. In addition, I was focusing all of my attention on my career, family and friends which contributed to my weight gain over the years. I was uncomfortable in my own body and felt judged by everyone around me. My clothes never fit right, and I avoided looking in the mirror to see the person I had become. In the span of 5 years, I gained around 150 lbs. I became discouraged trying to lose weight and eventually stopped believing in myself.

I quickly became desperate for help. I went to see my doctor, and we discussed options to help me lose weight. One option for me was bariatric surgery. I learned that the only way I would be eligible for this surgery was if I lost at least 10% of my weight by myself. This helped me to realize that I was ultimately responsible for having to make drastic changes in my life and that bariatric surgery was not the road I wanted to take.

A big motivation for me was remembering my athletic years as a teenager. Playing field hockey as a young adult gave me confidence. I remember how I used to feel healthy and be able to move the way I wanted without struggle. I knew I also had to change my negative mindset to a positive one if I wanted to lose any weight. As I began to see the numbers on the scale going down, I became more motivated and excited to keep going.

My intention is that I inspire, energize, motivate and connect with each of you on this blog through my own experiences. It is my hope that you can accomplish what you set out to do on your weight loss path as I have. I am honored that you have taken the time to join my quest in accomplishing our weight loss triumphs and challenges together. We can do this if we take a moment and step out of the shadow of our fear and face whatever obstacles are in our way. Let us turn that fear and doubt into what we all really want and that is to feel happy, healthy and on the path to feeling alive again. I am looking forward to writing more articles and helping as many WEIGHT CLIQUERS as I can.