Coping with the Positive & Negatives of Losing Weight

Do you ever wonder how to cope with the up & down balance of dropping weight? Usually, successful weight loss is achieved by making the decision to keep trying.  Bouncing back from setbacks can help you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Some positive strengths to maintaining a healthy weight loss is self-discipline, motivation and perseverance. Disappointments with losing weight can sometimes lead to positive change- so keep that in mind & don’t think negatively!

Do your absolute best to learn from your inner critic.  When you experience a bad couple days with diet or exercise, remind yourself that you have the power to change your future. Always think about what is going right versus where you have lapsed. Focusing on your strengths can be your biggest motivation- ever. Be certain to stick to your goals & follow through with them! Keep moving forward & plugging away! Yay- Fall is finally here!! Enjoy the weather!!

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