Reasons why you should NOT give up on accomplishing your weight loss goals

It is normal to experience set-backs & not feel motivated about going to the gym or eating healthy.  When you experience days when you have no drive and feel stressed-out always remember how you felt when you initially started your weight loss journey.  Think about how well your body will feel after a vigorous training session and not giving into excuses.  Always remember why you wanted to make the commitment to feel healthy in the first place.

Always switch up what you are eating from time to time- so you do not get bored & start eating more.  Also, try changing up your work-out routine, as well.  Remember that there is so much support (Instagram, Facebook, Magazines) for weight loss- if you really want it.  Remind yourself that you are not alone.  It is such a terrific feeling when your clothes start to fit better again!  Hoping your day is as special as YOU! Weight Cliquers- Don’t Give Up!!! XO.



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