Basic Ways to Stay Accountable, Driven and Consistent!

Lets be honest- losing weight is not easy! A simple & basic way to stay accountable is to take things day by day so you can be consistent.  Sticking to your healthy rituals is key to being successful.  Getting your weight loss moving will become apart of your routine and easier as time goes on.  Always do your absolute best to stick with your health goals.  Remind yourself to be positive so you can feel motivated and confident with your life.

The Super Exercise Band

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Staying Patient with your Weight Loss

Losing weight can sometimes be an overwhelming feeling.  Always begin your journey by taking it slow by losing one- two pounds a week.  Always be patient so you & your body can adjust to a new, healthy lifestyle.  Try your absolute hardest so you can gradually adapt to one small good habit at a time.  Easing your way into things is the best & safest way to go.

The Importance of Staying Happy!

Weight Cliquers- Always get into the cycle of thinking positive about yourself each & everyday!  Over time, this can be the absolute best decision that you could ever make!  Be certain to tell yourself that you have the drive & willpower to drop weight and be happy.  If you are negative with yourself- you will be more likely to give into your cravings & feel miserable with the person you are.  You are worth & deserve more than those feelings!!

Always, Always Eat a Healthy Breakfast!

I am constantly stressing that everyone should always start your day off in a healthy, positive way!  Why am I repeatedly saying & stressing this, Weight Cliquers? Eating breakfast is so very vital in losing weight because it helps your metabolism to burn off the calories throughout the day. Always tell yourself to eat a balanced, nutritious breakfast and DO IT! Keep this tip in mind- the more you eat in the morning the less calories you will consume during the day.  That makes sense- doesn’t it!?  Remember that!!!

Overcoming Weight Loss Obstacles

Getting in the right frame of mind is such a very important step if you want to be successful in losing weight. By having a lot of creative goals you can figure out all the barriers standing in your way so you can be very successful in your weight loss journey. Starting each day with empowering behaviors and ideas will always lead you to a positive destination.

Reasons why you should NOT give up on accomplishing your weight loss goals

It is normal to experience set-backs & not feel motivated about going to the gym or eating healthy.  When you experience days when you have no drive and feel stressed-out always remember how you felt when you initially started your weight loss journey.  Think about how well your body will feel after a vigorous training session and not giving into excuses.  Always remember why you wanted to make the commitment to feel healthy in the first place.

Always switch up what you are eating from time to time- so you do not get bored & start eating more.  Also, try changing up your work-out routine, as well.  Remember that there is so much support (Instagram, Facebook, Magazines) for weight loss- if you really want it.  Remind yourself that you are not alone.  It is such a terrific feeling when your clothes start to fit better again!  Hoping your day is as special as YOU! Weight Cliquers- Don’t Give Up!!! XO.



Rewarding yourself when you hit your Weight Loss Goals

Dropping weight can be very challenging, however when you reach your goal weight it can be very exciting!  It is very important to reward yourself for your hard work & determination so it can  inspire you to keep moving forward so you can maintain that healthy weight.  Developing healthy habits and taking your weight loss seriously is important- however you deserve to be rewarded for your healthy choices.

Take me for instance, some ways that I have rewarded myself are posting my progress on social media.  This helps me to stay focused and accountable.  Also, I enjoy taking selfie photos to see how far I have come.  It helps me to see the difference in my progress- as well.  There are so many effective & inspiring ways to reward yourself. Always be creative!  I am here to help cheer you on as you celebrate your weight loss goals!  Happy Summer!



Reviewing Diet to Go Meals

Last year, Diet to Go selected my Blog out of thousands to be part of the top 100 Bloggers of the year to inspire others to lose weight.  Diet to Go has sent me 4 days of free meals which I will review on this Blog.  I am excited to promote healthy eating! After sampling these quality meals- I realized that these 1200 calorie meals are fresh & tasty!  In addition to this- I did not gain weight.  My weight stayed balanced during the 4 day trial period of sampling these amazing packaged meals.

My favorite breakfast was Apple Pancakes, Turkey Sausage and Light Syrup.  The ingredients to this AM substitution meal is perfect & so delicious.  The best lunch that I ate was Tomato Pesto Meltover and Spiced Apples.  The Tomato Pesto Meltover is moist, has the best seasonings, is tender and so very yummy.  For dinner- I enjoyed Italian Chicken, Cous Cous Pilaf and Roasted Green Beans which is simply the greatest!  What a sensational meal combo (protein, veggies & starch) & only 470 Calories.  Diet to Go provides outstanding and quality meals.  Give Diet to Go a try!  To be optimistic, healthy and happy- start by giving off positive energy!  When you change your thinking- you can change your life forever!  Have a fabulous day!



What really makes you Motivated?

Commitment, dedication & motivation is key to turning your goals into a reality by developing a healthy lifestyle.  Achieving healthy living goals is the preliminary steps to making changes & developing inner strength.  Setting challenging & making realistic goals for yourself is important so you can always feel motivated to be productive in your life.

Jotting down your goals is the first step to indentifying & sticking to a plan so you will be a success.  Stay  genuine with changing & discovering a new mindset!  Try to search for new improvements in your life so you can feel strong within yourself to make a solid transformation.  May you have a marvelous rest of your day!!!  You are the Best!