3 Steps to Break your Weight Loss Plateau‏

shutterstock_2861925801. Re-evaluate your calorie intake:

Every 10-15 lbs. you lose (even if you have a lot of weight to drop) always re-evaluate your calorie intake to ensure you are eating less than you were before. As you lose weight, not only does it become harder, but you must take proper steps to make sure that you can get past your weight loss plateau and reach your goals.

2. Keeping track of your nutrition:

The best place to start is to track your food intake if you are not already doing so. There are many awesome reasons to keep a food log. Tracking your nutrition (long term) is possibly the smartest and most important step you acquire to improve your nutrition regimen.

3. Progress your body:

While nutrition and exercise is likely the culprit for stall in your weight loss journey, always make sure you are progressing the intensity of your exercise routine as it can only improve your results. Continue to push yourself and stay focused.



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